DotA Rooftrellen Guide, The Treant Protector Guide, Strategy và Build. Rooftrellen is a Strength nhân vật which has some of his skills remade on the DotA 6.72. This post will provide you with the Rooftrellen Guide, the Rooftrellen Strategy, the Rooftrellen item Build và the Treant Protector Skill Build.

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A treant of immense age và wisdom, Rooftrellen was merely a sapling during the invasion of the Burning Legion. Having grown powerful over thousands of years, Rooftrellen has lent his considerable might khổng lồ the Sentinel cause. An omnipresent force in the forest, he is capable using his nguồn over the forest to hide his allies. Rooftrellen is aided by the forest itself, providing him with a thick living armor of vines and entangling nearby foes in a deadly embrace, allowing Rooftrellen to pound his victims khổng lồ dust with his massive gnarled limbs.

Changes a target friendly unit"s appearance so that it blends in with the forest. It becomes invisible to lớn enemy eyes, but it must remain near a tree, or the Guise is lost.
Note 3: If the unit has a distance of more than 375 lớn the closest tree during 1 second, the invisibility will be removed.
Note 4: Can be used on units even if they aren"t close lớn a tree, but the invisibility will be removed almost instantly (about 1 second). It will be enough time for dodging the enemy"s projectile spell.

Rooftrellen plants a life-sapping seed in his enemy, causing it lớn be slowed by 24% và have its life force drained over the next 3 seconds. Nearby allied units are healed by the same amount. Pulses 4 times.
Living Armor

Rooftrellen"s presence infuses allied heroes & structures with a protective healing aura, increasing armor và regeneration. During the daytime, his power of nature is increased, causing the aura to lớn extend globally.

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AOE: 900 (day and night time for structures, night time for team heroes)/ Global (for team heroes during day time)
Summons an overgrowth of damaging vines và branches. Prevents all nearby enemies from moving or attacking and deals damage to lớn each.
Note 2: Disable works on currently magic immune units, however if a unit becomes magic immune while already affected by Overgrowth, they will break free.Name: Rooftrellen, the Treant Protector
As always, escape mechanism comes first. Though you considered strong at early game, it should be useful for saving you or your friend from hard ganking. Nature"s Guise only taken once. Ater that, maximize Leech Seed before maximizing Living armor. It can damage và heal at same time. Also cảnh báo that you it consumes less mana even when maximized, so spam it khổng lồ harass your opponent or heal your close-to-death friends. Use Living Armor for supporting your friends và structures. Nature"s Guise taken in lvl 12-14. Take Overgrowth whenever possible. Stats come last.
It"s also possible for you to take stats when you"re on lvl 12+ instead of Nature"s Guise. For some players, it"s enough lớn have only 15 seconds invisible for escaping & ganking. So, when you"re taking this build, get Nature"s Guise last (at lvl 23-25).
Quelling Blade - Increase the chance of last hit which is necessary for gathering gold in early game.
Power Tread - Increase survivability and damage from stats và of course bonus AS & MS for gaining gold efficiently and harras as well as gank the enemy.
Janggo of Endurance - Nice early stats, increase survivability & damage as well, positive aura for you và your team. Extra AS & MS from Endurance skill is good for chasing & whacking enemy, especially when Overgrowth is being casted.
Magic Stick/ Magic Wand - is a situational tòa tháp against spell spammers. Same function with Hood of Deviance