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Natural Syzygium Nervosum Bud Herbal Tea, 500g

Syzygium Nervosum Bud Herbal Tea is a popular tea in Vietnam & some parts of China. It has a mild scent và taste that has wondrous health benefits. Que Rung Xanh introduces the herbal tea made from the bud of this tree that contains no preservatives or any additives for you lớn take care of your family.

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Natural Syzygium Nervosum Bud Herbal Tea from Green Forest Cinnamon is grown naturally in the mountains of quang quẻ Ngai and processed according to lớn advanced Japanese technology. Therefore, this tea not only keeps the purest of nature but also is safe for health. If you have greasy food or drink a lot of alcohol, a cup of Natural Syzygium Nervosum Bud Herbal Tea will help digest food or alcohol.


Brand & Producer Provide products made from cinnamon và natural herbs Products with health value and multi-use Spread the value of cinnamon và Vietnamese herbs

Ingredient/Material Cinnamon & herbs from the natural forest Eco-friendly tea filter bags made from grains

Manufacturing process Cultivating và harvesting manually in Tra Bong forest, Quang ngai vàng in 800-1,500m above sea màn chơi Using advanced công nghệ from nhật bản

Certificate Certificate in Food Safety Runner-up in Quang ngai Creative Startup Competition, 2020 đứng top 60 in National Techfest Creative Startup Competition, 2020 Consolation prize in the 2020’s 7th Program of Sustainable Agricultural Development Startup

- Net weight: 500g

- Ingredients: Lid eugenia from natural forest in quang đãng Ngai. No preservatives.

- Expiry: 2 years after the manufacture date

Tea from Syzygium Nervosum bud is rich in flavonoid compounds that help stabilize blood sugar & blood fat. Therefore, this is a suitable drink for patients with diabetes. Besides, it is not a true tea, so it does not contain caffeine that causes insomnia.

1. Uses:

- Reduce cholesterol

- Reduce bloating, indigestion, colitis

- Help treat gout

- Stabilize sugar blood level, keep diabetes under control

- support to cure itchy sores.

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- tư vấn the treatment of chronic colitis, dull abdominal pain

- Very good for women after giving birth

2. Instructions:

- Step 1: Boil some water

- Step 2: Put 10-20g lid eugenia tea into a teapot / thermal pot

- Step 3: Pour 500ml of boiled water in

- Step 4: Leave in for 5 min (can be had hot or with ice)

You can refill water và continue drinking until the flavor fades.

Warning: Children under 1 year old should not drink


Born và raised in a family with a tradition in herbal medicine, Ms. Xuan Quynh has a special love for herbs và natural products. From that love và realizing the potential of cinnamon in her homeland, she established the Que Rung Xanh. As its name suggests, the brand specializes in manufacturing và supplying products from cinnamon & natural herbs, with ingredients grown in the highlands of Tra Bong, quang quẻ Ngai, Vietnam.

With favorable soil và climate conditions, Tra Bong cinnamon has a high amount of essential oil và a unique-bold scent. Moreover, this type of cinnamon is also proven lớn have high medicinal value, classified as the "Four Great Medicines" of Vietnam. Besides, Tra Bong Cinnamon has entered the vị trí cao nhất 10 famous natural specialties of Vietnam and the vị trí cao nhất 8 Vietnamese gift specialties won the Asian record.

There are so many good properties, however, not everyone understands cinnamon in particular và the precious herbs và medicinal plants of Vietnam in general. Therefore, Que Rung Xanh was born with the desire lớn share & spread natural health care values ​​to the community through cinnamon.

The products of Que Rung Xanh are made from the brand"s enthusiasm và love of nature. It is the result of meticulous research và the combination of traditional experience with advanced technology. Coming khổng lồ Que Rung Xanh, you will have safe and healthy cinnamon products.