Do you know who Joan Celia Lee is?

JC has always been Stan’s greatest admirer. She worked alongside him over the years, and has now entered the world of publishing comics. Her greatest wish is to lớn continue her father’s legacy. Stan Lee had often said that his “greatest creation is his daughter”, that she is a “super kid”, và JC is known as “the girl who grew up with Spider-Man”.

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She cherishes and proudly holds onto these epithets và throughout all her publicity channels, never hesitates to lớn remind people of this. JC has recently published “Stan Lee’s Love Story” – a behind-the-scenes personal family photo memoir of the Lee’s family life – và “A Little Faith”, a limited edition comic book series. She currently tours the states promoting the books & keeping Stan Lee’s memory alive.

Growing up as Stan Lee’s daughter

JC is now 69 years old, born in new york City in April 1950. Her father, Stan Lee (28th December 1922 to 12th November, 2018) was born Stanley Martin Lieber, his parents being Jewish Romanian immigrants. Her mother, Joan Boocock Lee (5th February 1922 to 6th July, 2017) was born in Newcastle, Britain and was a well-known hat model.She moved to America with her first husband, but after she married Stan, she did voice-overs & some acting in Marvel movies, và became a writer. The couple also had another daughter, Jan Lee, who died soon after birth in 1953.

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The love and life of JC Lee’s parents – Stan Lee and Joan Boocock

Stan Lee, sometimes known as “Stan the Man”, is an iconic personality whose first job at Timely Comics mix him on an unexpected road to creating highly popular superhero comics. The first two-page comic he wrote was “Captain America Foils the Traitor’s Revenge.”


At one stage, there were rumors that Lee abused her parents, & excessively spent their money, which they all denied.Shortly after Stan’s death, apart from the incredible number of positive reactions, there were also some negative rumblings concerning the failure of the business venture POW, featuring the not-so-kosher concept of Striperella, and claiming he sexually harassed his nurses. JC was not interested in delving into the allegations & simply stated, “My father loved all of his fans. He was the greatest, most decent man.” JC also re-opened a case against POW, accusing their executives of taking advantage of Stan when his medical condition had deteriorated, by either forging his signature on documents or getting him to sign under fraudulent pretences.Joan Celia LeePOW are being sued for stealing Stan’s intellectual property, for enabling low grade actors, & for cybersquatting.She has also expressed her dissatisfaction against Marvel và Disney executives, as she feels that they are seeking total control of her father’s creation, & believes they must be checked and balanced as are still seeking khổng lồ profit from her father’s legacy.

Can JC Lee carry Stan Lee’s legacy forward?

When he retired, Stan handed Marvel Comics khổng lồ his protégé, comic book writer Roy Thomas. JC says she has written almost every day for four years and has 2000 pages almost ready for a book and movie.See you in LA! Catch JC at
StanLeeComicCon and grab a discounted preorder of her book here, to lớn pick up at the con:— JC Lee (
RealJCLee) September 18, 2017The last idea Stan & JC had worked on was “DirtMan”, which is still in the making. She hopes to lớn represent her dad và make him very proud by continuing in the entertainment business, producing movies and comics.She has always been highly complimentary towards her father saying he was “the greatest” và “straight up”, that she was privileged and honored to lớn have been his daughter & that she’s learnt a lot from his hardworking, honest and ethical example. Stan’s drive was for peace in the world và hence he created the superheroes to fight evil. JC seems determined khổng lồ carry on his vision, and hopefully continue lớn delight Marvel fans. First in line will be DirtMan, which going by the name và in line with world trends và current environmental catastrophes, will possibly be an eco-warrior.

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