Hey everyone, welcome khổng lồ this beginner"s Spectre guide. In this guide, we"ll be going over all the essential info you"ll need to lớn get started with Spectre. This guide is aimed at lower level play or for players unfamiliar with the hero.

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This guide was written with contributions from community members like you! Thank you to lớn the following members for contributing lớn this guide:

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Spectral Dagger - Useful for chasing enemies or escaping, as the trail allows Spectre to pass through terrain. Target an enemy for a guaranteed hit, or target the ground to lớn launch the projectile the maximum distance (which is usually better as long as you don"t miss). Avoid spamming this ability early since it has a very high mana cost.
Desolate - Attacking an enemy that is not within 500 units of one of their allies will giảm giá khuyến mãi bonus damage on every hit & reduce the target"s vision. This makes Spectre much more dangerous against isolated targets that are away from their creeps & other allies. Also works on creeps, so it can help with last-hitting và clearing jungle camps. The damage is pure, so it"ll hurt any target regardless of their armor. This passive also applies even if you miss your attack. Doesn"t affect buildings and also ignores buildings & neutral creeps for the purposes of determining whether an enemy is isolated.
Dispersion - Grants passive damage reduction and reflects a portion of damage taken to lớn nearby enemies. The reflected damage isn"t split among nearby enemies; they all take the full damage. Damage reflection is more effective at close range.
Haunt - Casting this will summon an uncontrollable illusion next lớn each enemy hero that will attack them with reduced damage and increased damage taken. The illusions last 5/6/7 seconds or until killed, and also ignore terrain by default. You can cast Reality (D) khổng lồ switch places with a Haunt illusion, allowing you khổng lồ instantly transport yourself across the bản đồ to gank or countergank enemy heroes. You can keep casting Reality as many times as you want until all the illusions are gone. Once you have Haunt, keep an eye out for opportunities around the maps to secure kills or join fights where you can turn the tide.

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+5 All Stats - All Stats is always a safe option since you"re playing an all-in hero.-8s Spectral Dagger Cooldown - This is my preferred talent since it increases your ability khổng lồ chase down enemies or run away if necessary. +12 Desolate damage isn"t too bad but it"s not always easy lớn catch enemies alone.+400 Health - As nice as the +14% slow/haste on Q would be with the previous talent, it"s often a bit greedy. 400 health is always going khổng lồ be useful, so I"d recommend it unless you"re sure you can get away with the lower health pool.+5% Dispersion - This is the most generically useful option even if it"s not flashy on paper. 5% of enemy damage at level 25 is a lot of damage, và it both makes you tankier & increases the damage taken by enemies from the reflection. Haunt damage isn"t as reliable in my experience, since it"s gated by a long cooldown & the illusions can die pretty quickly.
Quelling Blade is highly recommended to improve your early last-hitting. It quickly pays for itself by securing you extra last-hits. Health sustain will help keep you in lane longer to pick up farm safely, but Mango or
Iron Branches are also viable substitutions.