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Disclosure is important,from that moment you decide to open up to lớn each other,let your partner chose to support you if truly cares about you

I posted this question over a year ago and would lượt thích to cốt truyện it with all the new people since then. If you have a pet, let"s show them off! Click on pictures lớn enlarge them.

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Most of HIV deals with gay men. Straight people with HIV probably feel left out with support, help, or somebody to talk to. My question for straight people is, how vày you address things when people talk about HIV và how it"s a gay disease, and how gays deserve it for being deviants. Or how bởi vì you address when people say, "it will never happen to lớn me, I live a moral lifestyle."

So true the first meeting i went khổng lồ changed my life I knew most of the people there glad i didn"t walk away.

Today marks World sida day. In remembrance of them, please feel không tính tiền to write down the first names of your friends và family who have passed,.. Lớn this virus.

Scores. 60? 80? Over the last 25-30 years only a couple, both before 2000. For older people, we’ve experienced TWO pandemics.

Do you follow a person or group covering HIV issues on social media, podcasts, etc that you find informative, or entertaining?

Movies help us escape. What"s your favorite movie? Whether it be on the big screen or at trang chủ on tv.