According to lớn Beerus, Monaka is the strongest fighter in Universe 7. Here"s the story behind the long Ball Super character.

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rồng Ball Super has introduced many incredibly powerful figures khổng lồ Akira Toriyama"s enduringly beloved manga/anime franchise, but the most reputedly powerful warrior is certainly not all that he seems. Monaka is an unassuming, diminutive figure recruited by Beerus to lớn help represent Universe 7 during the Tournament of Destruction. Hailed by the God of Destruction as the strongest fighter in all of Universe 7, Monaka intrigues Goku to no end và plays a surprising role in the anime series.

Here is the story behind the mysterious Dragon Ball Super character, including the truth behind Beerus" vaunted claims about him.

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Monaka"s Origin


After Beerus discovers his brother from Universe 6 Champa has been searching Universe 7 for the Super rồng Balls, the two rivals agree lớn hold a martial arts tournament pitting teams of their greatest warriors against one another in single combat—Champa wagers the six Super rồng Balls he has recovered while Beerus wagers Earth itself as Champa covets its food. Joining Goku, Vegeta & Piccolo is Monaka, a short alien fighter.

Goku & Vegeta are both initially intrigued, but as the team makes its way to the arena, Vegeta và Piccolo quickly realize that the silent, shy warrior is not what Beerus has made him out to lớn be. By the tournament"s end, Beerus and Whis privately note that Monaka was recruited và billed as the team"s strongest warrior in order to lớn drive Goku and Vegeta to lớn fight and train harder. Following Universe 7"s victory, Monaka resumes his job as a delivery person across the cosmos with Goku none the wiser.

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In reality, Monaka is one of the weaker characters introduced on Dragon Ball Super, apparently unable to fly và fire energy blasts lượt thích many of the franchise"s characters. Intensely shy, Monaka largely keeps to lớn himself và is visibly uncomfortable whenever he is thrust into the spotlight. Even when suffering the slightest blow, including falling down, Monaka has been known lớn cry, first tipping off Vegeta and Piccolo of his true nature after suffering a surprise attack from Goku.

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Outside of the Tournament of Destruction, Monaka is a perfectly competent delivery person, completing orders through his space truck on interstellar routes. While witnessing the intense battle between Goku and Duplicate Vegeta on the planet Potaufeu, Monaka passes out from the sheer tension of watching the hard-hitting fight.


Despite only posing as a powerful fighter, Monaka does play a pivotal role—albeit, unintentionally—during his two appearances. After Goku deliberately concedes lớn Hit during the Tournament of Destruction, Monaka fights the Universe 6 assassin in the contest"s final round. As a tacit acknowledgment khổng lồ Goku for helping him push beyond his physical limits, Hit feigns defeat & Monaka lands a single, nervous punch, allowing Universe 7 to win the tournament.

At the subsequent victory celebration on Earth, Beerus wears a crude disguise as Monaka to spar against Goku, with the oblivious Saiyan believing that Monaka has combat nguồn on par with the gods themselves, unable lớn see through Beerus" obvious ruse. After accidentally stepping on a crystal powering Duplicate Vegeta, Monaka significantly weakens the villainous doppelgänger, allowing Goku lớn finish him off and save the day. As Universe 7 recruits a team khổng lồ battle in the Tournament of Power, a still oblivious Goku asks Beerus if Monaka should join, with the God of Destruction informing him that Monaka is feeling ill and must sit the contest, thus keeping Monaka"s elevated reputation alive.