The Living Tribunal is by far one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. How powerful, exactly? We take a look at his most OP feats.

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Sometimes we humans make the mistake of believing that the universe revolves around us. Và it"s hard not to adopt an anthropocentric mindset thanks to lớn all of our achievements in science, art, technology, and medicine. Run-ins with natural disasters & cosmic calamities often remind us how small we are in the grand scheme of things. In the Marvel Universe, cosmic beings serve as perpetual reminders of man"s relative insignificance.

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The One-Above-All presides over the whole Marvel Multiverse - simultaneously existing across all realities at the same time. The Living Tribunal is TOAA"s right-hand cosmic entity. Impossibly powerful và unimaginably wise, the Living Trinity"s nguồn far outclasses beings lượt thích Thanos, Galactus, và the Celestials! It"s not enough to tell you how powerful the Tribunal is - we"ll need to show you at least ten of his most overpowered moments in Marvel Comics history.


Earlier, we mentioned the Marvel Multiverse. For those who don"t know, there is a slew of alternate realities in Marvel Comics - each containing universes with different versions of Earth and numerous heroes and villains. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, for instance, is an alternate reality. The Ultimate Marvel Universe is another popular example, come to lớn think of it. Collectively, we call these alternate worlds the Marvel Multiverse.

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Across all dimensions & realities, you"ll find a million different versions of Tony Stark or Peter Parker. But there"s only one Living Tribunal, & he holds sway over all of the countless realms in the Multiverse! khổng lồ reduce the amount of clutter in the cosmos, the Tribunal once considered replacing the Mainstream Marvel Universe (Earth616) with the Ultimate Marvel Universe (Earth 1610). Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, used her lawyer skills to convince LT that both realms could coexist peacefully.


This feat sounds like overkill at the onset - the Silver Surfer is already an insanely powerful being from the get-go! Thanks to lớn his connection with Galactus" power Cosmic, Norrin Radd can travel at FTL speeds, tank hits from the Hulks, và manipulate matter with his mind! Giving the Surfer a sample of Godhood seems as necessary as using a nuke lớn kill a fly.

But we really got a chance lớn see how drastically different the Surfer is from Marvel"s Abstract Entities when he met the Living Tribunal. After having a heart lớn heart conversation, Norrin expressed a desire lớn better understand the inner workings of the cosmos. LT granted the Surfer"s wish, briefly letting him experience existence from a god"s perspective. The experience changed Norrin for the better, và encouraged him khổng lồ continue fighting the good the fight.


There"s a cosmic hierarchy lớn the Marvel Universe that operates similarly to a food chain from our world. The One-Above-All naturally sits atop this hypothetical structure, a fact clued in by his very name! The Living Tribunal is next in line, acting as a very distant second from TOAA. Everyone & everything else, including the other Abstract Entities, Celestials, và Earth"s Mightiest Heroes are much lower on the totem pole.

But the Beyonders, however, aren"t even a part of the food chain! They exist across multiple universes và collectively wield enough power to lớn erase entire worlds và realities. LT fought three of these beings by himself during the "Time Runs Out" event - waging a war that transcended space, time, & the boundaries of our universe! Hank Pym, who witnessed the fight, claimed the conflict was beyond human comprehension.


This feat hits back on that hierarchy that we mentioned earlier. We"re sure you understand that Abstract Entities who embody the fundamental forces of nature populate the Marvel Multiverse. We"re also certain that you understand the Living Tribunal"s place in the cosmic food chain. But did you know that LT presides over all of the Abstracts, whether they lượt thích it or not?

Eternity và Infinity faithfully follow the Living tribunal"s lead. But beings like Galactus, the Phoenix Force, và the First Firmament don"t always fall in line. Should things get too out of control - to the point where even Earth"s heroes can"t reign things in - LT must personally intervene & shut down some of Marvel"s most powerful characters!

Multiple Beyonders had khổng lồ fight in concert to lớn get the better of the Living Tribunal. But in a one-versus-one scenario, things might play out very differently. Recall the first being that we met who called itself a Beyonder. First debuting in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1, this Beyonder gave heroes like Spider-Man, the Avengers, & the X-Men utter Hell - toying with them like cosmic playthings!

When the Living Tribunal caught wind of this, he wasn"t happy in the slightest. As punishment for his arrogance, the Beyonder was banned from interacting with alternate realities by LT. A billion retcons later, và this Beyonder"s power levels have increased exponentially. We don"t know who"d win in a rematch between LT and the Beyonder but hope that the Living Trinity comes out on đứng top for the sake of the universe.

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Dormammu isn"t the only evil god that Doctor Strange has faced. The Sorceror Supreme regularly battles demented deities lượt thích Cyttorak, Shuma Gorath, & Mephisto while we Muggles remain oblivious lớn the magical world. Thanks lớn his years of experience, Strange has become quite proficient with out-dancing these otherworldly devils. The good Doctor is so adept, in fact, that the Living Tribunal once recruited him for a dangerous mission; strip the Staff of Polar nguồn from Lord Nebulos of Perilous!

This mission was about as easy as you"d expect, requiring both Strange and the Living Tribunal lớn dig in deep for the win. In an awe-inspiring display of power, LT grabbed the Staff of Polar power - a tool that channels all of the evil in the universe - và yoinked it out of Nebulos" clutches! The battle didn"t last much longer after LT pulled off that godly feat.

LT decided khổng lồ take inspiration from old Sunday School songs with this feat. In Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 #27, the Living Tribunal holds a Cosmic Summit lớn discuss the fate of the universe. Several abstract entities participate in the meeting, including Eternity - the embodiment of Earth 616"s universe.

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The cosmic beings chew the fat, discussing the worth and mettle of Earth"s heroes the same way we chat about NBA players. When the Living Tribunal hits on the subject of Cosmic Cubes, he decides to lớn get dramatic to emphasize their danger. And by that, we mean that LT reaches inside of Eternity & pulls Earth out like loose change in pants pockets! From there, LT holds Earth in his hand and asks the other Abstracts to watch as the comic"s events unfold.

The Living Tribunal doesn"t ascribe khổng lồ the belief that the cosmos needs khổng lồ be filled with good or flooded with evil. In the end, all that matters khổng lồ the Living Trinity is the concept of balance; whenever he"s helped heroes out, it was for the sake of the maintaining cosmic order. Ultimately, LT is indifferent to our personal struggles and doesn"t favor one universe over another.

To rest our case, we recall an instance where the Living Tribunal destroyed Earth 691 by making its sun go nova! That shouldn"t even be scientifically possible, by the way, as Earth"s sun simply lacks the mass detonate on that scale. Granted, LT destroyed Earth 691 in an effort to defeat an evil demigod named Korvac. But this feat just goes lớn show that LT is a "needs of the many" sort of entity. Only "the many" in this case refer to the infinite number of Earths và realities in the Multiverse.

Back in 2003, Marvel printed The End storyline - during which, Thanos becomes one with the universe by seizing control of its heart. In response khổng lồ the Mad Titan"s plot, the Living Tribunal summons gods và heroes from all across the Marvel Multiverse! In a valiant last-ditch effort, the Tribunal leads an impossibly large army against Thanos.

The Mad Titan matches out all of his attackers by absorbing them into his being. The Living Tribunal is able lớn resist the Heart of the Universe"s power nguồn longer than anyone or anything else. After Thanos absorbs LT, he learns the events of The End were all mix in motion by The One-Above-All.

After watching characters filibuster about the Infinity Stones for elven plus years, many viewers probably think that they understand these mysterious rocks quite well. However, the MCU only scratches the surface of explaining how these cosmic effigies work. In the Marvel Comics Universe, the Stones (more commonly called Infinity Gems) are much more nuanced than their cinematic counterparts.

Should a being misuse the Gems, the Living Tribunal typically steps in and passes judgment. Should a perpetrator decide khổng lồ yeet reason out the window & square up against LT, the Living Trinity can also shut down the Gems! The Tribunal once performed this trick on Adam Warlock, who tried to lớn misuse the Infinity Gauntlet against LT"s wishes.