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"The real problem of pure reason is contained in the question: How are synthetic judgments a priori possible?"This one, please. Thanks.

John Rawls meets Jumanji. A group of colleagues on a business trip find a board trò chơi called "Original Position." What they think is a simple <…>

William James, William Kingdon Clifford, & Joseph Conrad on the first and last voyage of a doomed transatlantic ship discuss ethics and options with captain,

Nicole M Wyatt onComparatively Lower Grades in Philosophy Courses: Facts, Explanation, Effects, Fixes?

One way you can prevent this is khổng lồ institute a minimum level of performance on the first submission as a requirement for revision. You can <…>

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Live from Bill Murray"s immune system onWhich Philosophical Problems Should Be Made Into Movies or TV Shows?

I think this view of things sets the bar too low. It can"t be enough just khổng lồ match a plotline to an area of philosophy.

Speed 3: The Trolley ProblemSandra Bullock và Keanu Reeves star in a film about a trolley hurtling (at 50 mph) towards 5 people further down

How about identity? Take away my social identity and who am as an individual, outside those perimeters? Where religion meets quantum physics perhaps?

"Wittgenstein"s Poker: The Story of a Ten-Minute Argument Between Two Great Philosophers" by David Edmonds và John Eidinow seems ripe for dramatization. Based on <…>

I would hazard to lớn guess that personal identity và possible worlds metaphysics are more prominent in film than the problems of skepticism. There are good <…>

Cinema could be an interesting medium khổng lồ explore paraconsistent logic, Russell"s paradox, Žižek"s Non-All, etc. Words alone make it difficult to lớn express the implications of <…>

....aaaand it just came up in the Supreme Court justice confirmation hearings!"Re: Judge Jackson confirmation hearing. I’ve heard these wild claims before (“Kant rejected the <…>

Jonathan Westphal onShould there be an academic boycott of Russia, và if so, who or what would be boycotted?

At the beginning of World War II my mother married a German-speaking lecturer in Southern African Languages. Her reason was, she said later, khổng lồ work <…>