Hanoi – Google maps for tourists và travelers.

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Hanoi – Tourist bản đồ What khổng lồ see in Hanoi? Where khổng lồ go from Hanoi? Faqs + Travel Tips

Detailed tourist & Google maps of Hanoi with the most important sites.

This Google maps and maps of attractions in Hanoi contains the most interesting và visited places by travelers & tourists who come to visit Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. Hanoi is huge, this bản đồ is focused mainly lớn the most visited city center. Historical sites và monuments, local markets, shops, temples, museums, theatres, lakes, the most important bus & railway stations for tourists… There are also places for the one day trip from Hanoi – eg. Duong Lam ancient village, tía Vi National park, Thien Tru – Perfume pagoda, Ha Long bay or Ninh Binh or nearby interesting villages of Hanoi. This Google tourist map is also placed in the article about Hanoi – the capital.

icon-map-marker Hanoi – Google map of Attractions + Interesting Places:

What to see và visit in Hanoi?

There are a lot of beautiful and historical places và attractions in Hanoi what you can see và visit. A lot of these interesting & historical tourist places are easily accessible from the city center of Hanoi.

Hanoi Old QuarterHanoi Train StreetLong Bien BridgeHo đưa ra Minh Presidential PalaceMilitary History Museum + B52 Victory MuseumVietnamese Air Force MuseumVietnam Museum of EthnologyHuu Tiep Lake and the Downed B-52Ly Thai to parkWater Puppet TheatreDong Xuan Market
West Lake (Ho Tay) in Hanoi.

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Ho chi Minh Mausoleum is one of the most visited tourist places in Hanoi.
Phung Hung mural street in the center of Hanoi.
Huc Bridge on the Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi.
St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi.

Where you can go from Hanoi?

Hanoi is the most important transport hub in northern Vietnam. From Hanoi you can travel by train or bus to various interesting places. The most frequented train or bus tourist route from Hanoi are: