A few days ago, we were happy khổng lồ receive the visit from Education for Nature–Vietnam who came to interview Adam, our Director, for a future truyền thông media project.

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Also known as ENV, this organization have been inspired by the simple assessment that saving endangered species could not be possible without an awareness-raising effort among the Vietnamese public to lớn protect this country extraordinary biodiversity.

Besides campaigning và spreading greater knowledge to influence public attitudes, they decided lớn engage in the battle against illegal wildlife trade by denouncing wildlife crimes và supporting enforcement efforts on a regional, national and even global level.


As a Rescue Center we never forget that our playful, cheeky animals originally landed here due to harmful human activity, some of them arriving in a really critical condition. We are proud khổng lồ be collaborating with this major Wildlife protection organization in Vietnam lớn rescue the 3 primates groups we are caring for in dongphucmerriman.com:

The GIBBONS, who are hunted và consumed as food in some remote areas, but more often they are sold & kept as pets or in private zoos, or used to attract and entertain visitors at cafes, restaurants và hotels.

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The LORIS, who are threatened by hunting và trade, largely to support the demand for these cute và cuddly creatures as pets, though they are also used in traditional medicine.

The LANGURS, who are hunted & used in traditional medicine, or eaten in some remote areas. They are also sold as pets và kept at resorts, hotels, businesses & private homes; however, they rarely survive because of their specialized diet.


A restaurant advertising wildlife on their thực đơn or on a sign;Animals displayed in cages at a khách sạn or outside a business;A shipment of wildlife being transported on a bus, train, or airplane;Wild animals or meat for sale at a market.

Endangered Primate Rescue Center – Vietnam


Established in 1993, dongphucmerriman.com is a not for profit project dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, breeding, research and conservation of Vietnam’s endangered and critically endangered primate species.