Why rồng Ball Super's Whis May Be A Fallen Angel long Ball Super"s Whis is the angel attendant to lớn the God of Destruction Beerus, but Whis sure seems to have a lot of demonic qualities.

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Dragon Ball Super introduced a whole line of divinity to lớn the dragon Ball canon and the multitude of gods are attended to by a multitude of angels, like Whis. The effeminate, neck-haloed Whis is bound to lớn the God of Destruction Beerus & doesn’t seem bothered by his lord’s constant temper tantrums that often end with Beerus wiping out whole civilizations. Whis doesn’t even try lớn prevent the mass genocides, so is he really an actual angel or more of the fallen angel variety? 

Whis, and the purple mèo god Beerus, were introduced in the manga early on & stopped by Earth after Beerus became interested in the legend of a Super Saiyan God. Goku stumbles his way through offending the God of Destruction & picks a fight with Beerus only to have the threat of annihilation hanging over the Earth. Whis does nothing lớn get in the way of this và sits down to lớn enjoy some Earth cuisine. He’s at best benevolent, but Whis seems lớn have no problem with all life being wiped out of existence by Beerus. 

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Beerus has a malevolent streak and wantonly blows up planets if the mood strikes him, as it often does, but both he and Whis are easily swayed by culinary delicacies, as they are both avowed foodies. Whis doesn’t often offer critiques of Beerus’ behavior, but early in the manga, Beerus blows up half a planet when the food he is served is too greasy. Beerus earlier remarked on the tastiness of the dishes but decided lớn halve the planet anyway. Whis showed concern, but it wasn’t as much for the immense loss of life, as much as it was over the perceived unfairness of the deal. 

Whis seems to have some understanding of right and wrong, but doesn’t insert himself—or Beerus—into the frequent potentially-world-ending fights Goku finds himself in. But this rule of non-involvement turns out to be very bendable. Goku’s old nemesis Frieza returns lớn Earth in a brand new size as Golden Frieza (copying Goku’s Super Saiyan form) and blows up the planet. However, Whis ended up reversing time, allowing Vegeta lớn kill Frieza. So is Whis a demon? Or are his morals pliable? His excuse for reversing time was to save the delicious food on Earth, but does he have a soft spot for more than just succulent food stuffs?

Whis is clearly privileged with special knowledge as Beerus often defers to lớn his attendant’s expertise. And Whis is an experienced martial artist, training Beerus, Goku & Vegeta. His divine powers are not in question. But his aloof personality và similarly withdrawn attitude toward mass homicide don’t make him a very noble character. & when the (real?) god over all the other gods, Zenos, decides lớn wipe out all life except the multiverse’s angels, Whis is just as pleased as ever, even rubbing it in Beerus’ face, betraying the millennia he has spent with Beerus.

Angels in Dragon Ball Super are held to a code of conduct that requires them to be indifferent to lớn ordinary lives. So it makes sense why Whis is so aloof. But he often breaks with that tradition by training Goku and Vegeta as well as saving Earth, rooting for the Earthlings and showing concern for the universe if Earth is threatened. He may not be a “good” angel but he’s certainly not a demon. He may feign detachment, but it’s not just Earth’s cuisine that Whis is protecting.