Series Information
Original Run:07 February 1996 – 19 November 1997 (1 year, 9 months, 2 weeks)
Corresponding:Dragon Ball GT Episodes 01 – 64 (64 episodes; 1 TV special)
Filler Content:Anime Original Series
Rating Shares:Average: 14.6%Maximum: 19.7% (Episode 02)Minimum: 9.6% (Episode 21)
Main Staff:Series Director — Osamu KasaiSeries Organization — Aya MatsuiCharacter Design — Katsuyoshi NakatsuruArt Design — Tadanao Tsuji & Ryūji YoshīkeMusic — Akihito Tokunaga

Following the success and popularity of the Dragon Ball Z anime series, Toei Animation decided to lớn extend the franchise beyond just the scope of the original manga. The new series was titled Dragon Ball GT, with “GT” being short for “Grand Touring”. This new anime original series picked up right where the previous series had left off, & was initially slated khổng lồ expand Toriyama’s “Dragon World” into the far reaches of the Dragon Ball universe, with Goku as a child once again. Taking over the Dragon Ball Z time slot at 7:00PM every Wednesday on Fuji TV, the first episode of Dragon Ball GT aired on 07 February 1996.

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Beyond creating the title and logo of the series, providing designs for the main characters, and drawing a few promotional illustrations, original manga tác giả Akira Toriyama had very little involvement with the series. The main staff of the series also experienced some significant changes, with the majority leaving to lớn pursue other endeavors. Veteran animator Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru entirely took over the role of character designer & Akihito Tokunaga was brought on as the series’ new musical composer. Numerous new producers were also brought on board from both Toei Animation and Fuji TV to help determine the series’ plot and development.

Unlike the previous two series, the TV ratings quickly dropped as series progressed & much of the overwhelming interest once seen in the franchise began to lớn rapidly dwindle. After only 64 episodes and one feature length TV special, the Dragon Ball GT anime series came lớn an over when the final episode aired on 19 November 1997. For the first time in over a decade, there was no new episode of Dragon Ball khổng lồ be seen. The franchise would go on khổng lồ see considerable reruns of all three series in nhật bản on various cable TV networks, even lớn this day. However in early-2009, Toei Animation và Fuji TV would reunite khổng lồ bring the beloved franchise back lớn syndicated TV, creating something no one had expected — Dragon Ball Kai.

Series Story Arcs

Select a story arc to lớn view an episode-by-episode break-down of that specific arc, with additional information pertaining khổng lồ the original broadcast run, filler content, và rating shares. We’ve also included detailed pages for each individual episode, which includes screen shots from the original episodes, episode summaries, next episode information, complete opening và ending credits, và much more.

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Dark long Ball arcEpisodes 01–22

Five years have passed & all is peaceful around the world as Goku and Oob finish their training in Heaven. However, this peace soon ends as Pilaf makes a terrifying wish, transforming Goku into a child. The rush is on to retrieve all seven Dark long Balls from around the Universe before the Earth and it’s inhabitants are destroyed.


While searching for the Dark dragon Balls, Goku & the others encounter Dr. Mu and his greatest project Baby. Being the lone survivor of the Tsufruian race, Baby swears revenge on all Saiyans, no matter how innocent or guilty. As friends turn to lớn foe, Goku must fight the ones he loves to destroy Baby & return the Earth to lớn peace.


In Hell, Dr. Gero and Dr. Mu combine forces lớn create the ultimate Artificial Human, Super No. 17. Goku rushes to Hell to stop the evil duo, but in his haste he is trapped with some old foes, Cell & Freeza. With Goku trapped in Hell, the Earth’s forces must khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the Super No. 17’s assault. Goku must find a way out of Hell before all of Earth is lost.


With each wish of the dragon Balls, a dark force has gathered within them. As a result of their misuse, the Evil Dragons are born. Feeling responsible for this new threat, Goku sets off with Pan and Giru lớn confront the Evil Dragons và regain the rồng Balls. With the Universe threatened again, Goku must save it… one final time!