Doom Patrol: All Members, Ranked By Intelligence The Doom Patrol is full of unique characters, although not all of them are quite as clever as the others.

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Doom Patrol on HBO Max
In 1963, comic book readers were introduced to a team of strange heroes with wild powers who were led by a man in a wheelchair. This team was unlike anything anyone had seen before, and then a few months later, The X-Men #1 came out & from that moment on, the Doom Patrol was pushed into second place.

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And while DC"s team of misfits has never been as popular as Marvel"s Merry Mutants, they"ve still done pretty good for themselves, including having their own critically acclaimed và Emmy nominated TV series. Perhaps if the Ohio-based team of weirdos was a little smarter, they could break out to the blockbuster movies too, but fans are more than happy with their wild và wacky show on HBO Max.

Doom Patrol
Cliff Steele, better known as Robotman to lớn some, isn"t a very smart man. He threw away a successful NASCAR career khổng lồ drink và sleep around on his wife & ended up getting himself - và his wife - killed. Now trapped in a cyborg body, Cliff is constantly confused, always two steps behind everyone else, và still trying khổng lồ figure out how the internet works, but he has learned from his past mistakes & is working lớn be a better person, which includes spending time with his grandson and helping Crazy Jane giảm giá khuyến mãi with the many people that exist inside her.

The young but not actually so young daughter of Dr. Niles Caulder, Dorothy Spinner has the ability to bring her imaginary friends to life which caused some issues for the Doom Patrol and the world. And while Dorothy"s childish form size and looks may make people think she isn"t very bright, she has a hundred years of living to gọi on.

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Dorothy is innocent và naive, but she isn"t dumb, as the opening of Season 3 showed viewers. While no one else had any clue how to khuyến mãi with the Candlemaker, Dorothy handled the creature with relative ease.

Rita Farr from the Doom Patrol
A once-famous actress turned into an Elasti-Girl, Rita Farr may have an old-fashioned way about her, but she knows what"s up và what needs to lớn be done. Farr isn"t the person any of her teammates would call on for mechanical or mathematical solutions, but she is the one they look khổng lồ for some kind of leadership.

Farr"s bossy nature as a movie diva, mixed with her strategic mind, has made her the de facto leader of the Doom Patrol và even helped her lead a small revolution within the halls of the Bureau of Normalcy.

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5 Crazy Jane Is Pretty Smart, Depending On Who Is In Charge

With dozens of personalities, & with each personality having its very own superpower, Jane is certainly the most powerful member of the Doom Patrol, & aside from some of the more innocent personalities, every version of Jane is at least of average intelligence., but one personality, Secretary, has the power of superintelligence. Thanks khổng lồ this, Jane can call on facts & information she otherwise wouldn"t know, and most of the team wouldn"t know.

Of course, Jane needs to bring Secretary khổng lồ the surface for that power lớn come into play, & while Secretary has made a number of appearances on the series, they are always brief, so the nguồn rarely gets used as well as it could.

Being a test pilot takes a lot more smarts than movies & TV shows usually make it look like, & being a thành viên of NASA"s Mercury space program takes even more. Larry Trainor has the quick wits to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with just about any emergency that comes up, và as a member of NASA, he clearly has the mathematical smarts to lớn know a lot more than the average person. Of course, a lot of Larry"s knowledge is pretty old these days. It doesn"t look lượt thích the bandaged nhân vật known as Negative Man has kept up with the advances in science over the years.

3 Laura De Mille May Be The Smartest But It"s Too Soon khổng lồ Tell

New lớn Season 3, Laura De Mille - also known as Madame Rouge - is a time-traveling shapeshifter who has ties to lớn Niles Caulder. Just how good or evil Laura is remains lớn be seen, just like how long she"ll be a thành viên of the team, but what is clear is that Laura is quite a bit smarter than just about everyone on the Doom Patrol even though she doesn"t have all of her memories. What is known is that Laura once helped run the Bureau of Normalcy & is at least smart enough to see that the Doom Patrol needs to vị more than just sit around making fart noises.

As mentioned early in the series, Cyborg is a true blue superhero who hopes to one day join the Justice League, but for the time being he"s kind of slumming it with the Doom Patrol. Unlike the rest of the team, Cyborg wants lớn be an active thành viên of society that helps the common good by using his abilities to make the world a better place. And thanks lớn his connection to lớn Grid, as well as his natural smarts, the hero has the ability to bởi just that.

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Still, Cyborg has found himself drawn lớn the Doom Patrol, partly as a way lớn anger his dad, but also because lượt thích him, the team is a group of misfits who were drastically altered without their permission. Cyborg is certainly smart enough lớn see that the residents of Doom Manor are his family, even if Cliff keeps making fun of him.

1 Dr. Niles Caulder Is The Evil Genius Behind It all

It was Dr. Niles Caulder who turned Rita Farr into Elasti-Girl. It was Dr. Niles Caulder who gave each of Jane"s personalities powers. It was Dr. Niles Caulder who turned Cliff Steele into the Robotman. A mad scientist at heart, Niles Caulder has found ways to pervert science và create things that should never have existed. Was it evil of him to bởi these things? Most certainly. But it also took a lot of brains to not only set everything up, but to make it all pay off. Niles may have paid the ultimate price for his dishonest và manipulative ways, but there"s no denying the man was a once-in-a-lifetime mind.

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