xyrzrockrain: You got it wrong. Living Tribunal is. "Pre Retcon Beyonder is far above the Living Tribunal. The First và Second Retcon Beyonder are not above The LIving Tribunal.

SilverGalford said: " beyonder??? i thought the living tribunal was the second after one above all. "in currently ranks you would be right... But the Classic Beyonder was actually equal khổng lồ The One Above All...

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King Saturn:really? how many are lượt thích the one above all?

You caught me

 there hehehe i didn"t know that and


but the beyonders are not a race?.....

King Saturn:really? how many are like the one above all? You caught me there hehehe i didn"t know that & NO ONE CAN KILL THE BEYONDER WITHOUT HIS CONSENT lol!!!! good one! "well outside of Classic Beyonder and TOAA I dont know of any other Totally Omnipotent Beings in the Marvel Multiverse... Though you could say when Thanos had the Heart of the Universe he was Totally Omnipotent too... But that was consider the acts and power of TOAA anyways...

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i think this thread has been done many times already. But anyway, here"s the correct answer: Beyonder wins, somewhat easily.

why so serious: Please stop posting one or two word answers. If you want lớn contribute then post something thought out.
thedarkgodzz said:

"who can prove me that beyonder is equal or above TOAA "

They can"t and its simple why. TOAA is unlimited. Beyonder had to lớn give a portion of his power to lớn kill Death & it actualy made him weaker so his not unlimited .

The beyonder, because the forces of the universe tried khổng lồ reasonwith the beyonder, because they knew he was too powerful, even if they took him on all at once.

why so serious: Please stop posting one or two word answers. If you want to contribute then post something thought out. "ok, THE beyonder wins, does 3 words work?
I always here people say that the beyonder would win, but I want to ask how, can anybody actually harm LT, can he experience any damage. How is LT going to be destroyed or KO"ed? Just asking, there is no point saying, LT can"t vị anything khổng lồ the beyonder, when it is likely that the beyonder can"t bởi anything either.  The Beyonder is extremely powerful, & I vày remember an instant where LT calls upon Molecule man lớn fight the beyonder, for some unknown reason. It is kind of like when he did not take away the infinity gauntlet from Thanos. I reckon that LT is being underrated here.
The Tribunal wins this without even breaking a sweat. Doom took the Beyonder"s powers for a while, even with the Infinity Gauntlet Adam Warlock started lớn show off about his new found Godhood. Eternity, and the other Celestial Beings were thrown around, and were helpless against him. Suddenly the Freak show comes khổng lồ an end, as the Tribunal just raises a finger and shutsdown the Gauntlet"s power. Even Adam Warlock begin lớn question how powerful the Tribunal must be. Nothing in the Marvel universe has ever proved powerful enough to even threaten the Tribunal. Eternity eluded lớn the fact that the Tribunal"s power was absolute, & he was second in the pecking order. Now the Beyonder says that he is "From beyond." but Marvel states that the Tribunal rules over the entire Marvel multiverse. So lớn me the Tribunal is absolute.