1 : the unique or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to lớn the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit : loveliness a woman of great physical beauty exploring the natural beauty of the island A thing of beauty is a joy forever …— John Keats

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2 : a beautiful person or thing His new car"s a real beauty. especially : a beautiful woman She was a great beauty in her day.
3 : a particularly graceful, ornamental, or excellent chất lượng Well, at any rate, he had two great beauties—the pale flat white of his skin và his great shaggy mass of dark hair.— Dorothy C. Fisher
4 : a brilliant, extreme, or egregious example or instance caught a couple of beauties on our last fishing trip that mistake was a beauty

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We explored the natural beauty of the island. I"m learning to lớn appreciate the beauty of poetry. We explored the natural beauties of the island. She was one of the great beauties of her time.
Recent Examples on the website Here, there is beauty in pain, strength in failure. — Kat Bouza, Rolling Stone, 25 Mar. 2022 Now, beauty is how Chandran stays connected to her Indian heritage, inspired by memories of visiting Tamil Nadu in India. — Anita Bhagwandas, Allure, 25 Mar. 2022 Cutting Gardens - Planning, Planting, Cutting: 10 a.m. Instructor Kathy Whitman will teach when, where & what lớn plant, & how to create beauty in your garden and bring it indoors. — oregonlive, 25 Mar. 2022 The world"s a spectacular place, full of hidden và overt beauty in every corner. — Joe Minihane, CNN, 24 Mar. 2022 There"s beauty in the minuscule and mighty alike in Namibia — a photographer"s paradise, even for amateurs. — Kathryn Romeyn, Travel + Leisure, 20 Mar. 2022 The beauty and the beast are one–which is classic McQueen. — Rachel Tashjian, Harper"s BAZAAR, 16 Mar. 2022 From rising star Lashana Lynch’s red lip to lớn Florence Pugh’s punky new image, here are the best beauty looks from the night. — Tish Weinstock, Vogue, 14 Mar. 2022 In the colonized world, beauty can become a kind of curse. — New York Times, 14 Mar. 2022 See More

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